Watcha Playin'


I buy to much games, more then that I can finish in my time, haha


Sony said that the PSN will be back up this week, well not all but part of it. Users will get a month free PlayStation Plus, users who already had a PlayStation Plus will just get an extra month after that. Most will be back online like online gaming, Home, chats, friendlists etc but the PlayStation Store can be offline for a few weeks more.

I hope the store will be soon back online when we get our PlayStation Plus, otherwise I think it’s kinda a wasted gift with not much use for it. Also I can’t wait to hear what extra content Sony will give to the users, they won’t say anything about that so we just need to wait and see .___.

PlayStation®Network - Offline

It’s still offline after 8 hours D; so I’m still spamming around here on Tumblr haha. Sorry about that .___. Dont blame me.
btw GTA Gay Tony episodes got good music on the radio! Lovin’ it, finally had some time to check it out now, same for the 3rd birthday for the PSP.